How To Take Time Off Social Media At Christmas

As December slowly creeps up, I know a lot of you will be feeling a mix of emotions in the run-up to Christmas. You may be looking forward to the holidays, stressing about getting everything done before you sign off, or you could be under enough stress at the thought of a family get-together!
Whichever it is, this episode will hopefully help ease some of that stress by giving you a mixture of practical tips, and new ways of thinking, to help you take time away from social media and from your business this year in a way that feels good for you.

I hope you find this episode helpful!

P.S. We will have episodes on the podcast up until the 20th of December, then I’ll be taking a break and will be back on the 10th of January. I’ll be off making new memories and experiences, and I hope you do the same!

Episode 36 as referenced in the podcast: 

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