Being the Partner of a Business Owner with Pete Foster

Today’s podcast is a very raw and honest one. I’m sitting down with my husband Pete to have a very open conversation about what it’s really like to be the partner of a business owner, and he doesn’t hold back. 

We chat about the emotional rollercoaster of seeing the one you love go through the highs and lows, and of working alone at home. 

We get very personal and talk about money. This year for me in business has been one of ups and downs financially, and we talk honestly about what that does to a relationship, whether or not Pete has ever felt he needed to bring up the subject of a steady 9-5, and about how he really feels about the investments I make in my business. 

But it’s not all deep chats! Pete also gives his opinion on the world of social media and the online business world from the perspective of someone who is not in it, and he has some interesting analogies! And we also give plenty of funny stories about our experiences on social media, including the time Pete found me on Facebook after just a few weeks of chatting and not knowing my surname!

If you want to skip to the deep stuff though, start at 11.43. 

I hope you enjoy this really raw and honest conversation about what it’s really like to be the partner of a business owner.

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