Can Screentime Be Good For Families? With Arcadia Kim

When it comes to screen time in our households and with our families, it can be a constant battle between kids and young people, and the parents. But what if we reframed this and instead of a battleground, it’s a place of discovery, of understanding, of connecting? 

Today I am joined by the brilliant Arcadia Kim of Infinite Screentime to discuss her movement of making screen time, family time. 

We discuss: 

  • Arcadia’s career journey in the gaming industry to creating Infinite Screentime
  • Why so many parents feel such guilt in giving their kids a device, and why Arcadia wants to change this
  • She talks us through what a more open relationship with screens in our family life could look like
  • She explains how parents and carers can not only understand their child’s screentime, but engage with it
  • The consequences of keeping our kids’ screen time activities hidden and almost taboo
  • How can we empower the young people in our families to be aware and mindful of their own screentime
  • And finally, Arcadia shares some action steps here that parents or carers to begin making screentime family time

I really hope you enjoy this episode and found it as refreshing as I did!


Infinite Screentime is a movement dedicated to dispelling the negative connotations of screentime and building a community of coaches, educators, and child advocates that helps to raise the screen-smart kid. 

As the mom of three screentime-loving kids in Hong Kong, Arcadia loves seeing the beauty, discovery, and connection in technology from the point of view of her children. 

Arcadia is the former Chief Operating Officer of Electronic Arts Los Angeles, where she had the privilege of working on blockbuster titles as The Sims, Medal of Honor, Command and Conquer, and The Lord of the Rings franchise. 

Arcadia has her MBA from Harvard Business School and BA from Wellesley College, and a TEDx Talk called ‘Can Screentime Be Good For Families?’.

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