Bridging The Generational Divide Online with Emilie Cousins

Today I am joined by my dear friend Emilie Cousins, and we’re going to be talking all about bridging that generational divide online! 

We talk about:

  • Emilie’s career journey and their passion for this topic
  • The online landscape and what young people are facing growing up in the digital age, both the opportunities and challenges 
  • How parents/carers/trusted adults can support young people growing up with an online life
  • With Emilie sharing some tips to help people support their children/teens/students when it comes to their digital lives, including the very first step they can take

I really hope you enjoy this episode about our generational divide online and what to do about it, it’s such an important topic to discuss.


A queer sex ed enthusiast and specialist, based in Liverpool. With their Gender Studies MSc, they’ve been working in the sex ed field for several years, previously working with Brook to deliver sex ed sessions to young people and professionals, and now with Fumble as Programme Manager.


Fumble is an award-winning youth charity that creates a happy, healthy online world of relationships and sex education. Fumble is created with young people, for young people, to make a relevant, non-judgemental place for all young people to ask questions and find safe, quality answers. We make sure young people have the skills and knowledge to successfully manage their relationships, sexual health and mental health today, particularly in the digital age.

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Cassie is an ex-social media strategist turned certified digital wellbeing consultant, coach and speaker. She’s on a mission to help individuals and organizations navigate the digital landscape, improve your overall wellbeing, and equip you with the tools necessary to thrive in a tech-driven future.

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