What The Pandemic Taught Me About Accessibility with Carolynne Colbeck

We had a wonderful conversation all about what the pandemic taught her about accessibility and the benefits of the internet. We discussed what initially drew Carolynne to yoga, and what her work looked like before the pandemic hit. We talked about the pivot, like many of us had to do, into an exclusively online business at the height of COVID-19. 

We dive deep into what accessibility really means, what the pandemic and the multiple lockdowns taught her about accessibility, and why the internet gave hope to so many during that time.

We end the conversation with Carolynne sharing some great tips to help you make the most of all the positive aspects the internet can give us, as well as how to have a more accessible business in today’s world.

I hope you enjoy the episode!


Carolynne is passionate about offering you cozy + accessible practices that allow you to create a collaborative relationship with your whole self. 

As a highly-sensitive, creative, earth-loving soul herself, she gets really excited about pulling inspiration from the cycles and rhythms found in the seasons and the moon to put together yoga + self-care practices that help students feel more connected to their whole selves (including all the messiness and imperfections), while aiming to live a life filled with less doing, and more being

Her passion in accessible yoga lies within the idea that yoga is so much more than being able to touch your toes – your practice is a space where you are welcome to be exactly as you are, no matter who you are. 

Yoga has helped Carolynne find and gain the tools that help her navigate all the different facets of being a human in this busy world. That is what she ​aims to offer you when you enter into her classes. 

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