What Podcasting Has Done For My Business

Today’s episode is totally unfiltered and unedited..just me and my mic! And that’s because my podcast editor has had a baby!! So huge congratulations to them! 

But that means this is not the episode I had scheduled for you today, instead, I’m sharing what podcasting has done for my business in the nearly 12 months it’s been going.

But also, I share what podcasting has not done for my business too!

Stick around as from next week we will have more digital wellbeing content, including:

  • Discussing the recent statement made by the US Surgeon General that children under the age of 13 shouldn’t be on social media
  • An episode on slowing down
  • Technology and how its affecting our physical health
  • Cyber violence discussion and so much more!

I hope you enjoy this episode on what podcasting has done for my business!


Cassie is an ex-social media strategist turned certified digital wellbeing consultant, coach and speaker. She’s on a mission to help individuals and organizations navigate the digital landscape, improve your overall wellbeing, and equip you with the tools necessary to thrive in a tech-driven future.

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