Running a Business on Social Media with Emma Wilkens

Two Millenials, business owners, and good friends get together to talk all about social media, nostalgia, and running an online business!

We chat about our time before social media, how our usage of it has changed over the years, and how it’s helped build our businesses. 

Yes, we laugh about the days of MySpace, feeling old, and navigating our friendships in the age of social media. I hope you enjoy this episode of running a business on social media!


Emma Wilkens is the founder and virtual assistant behind Noted PA Services. She is a designer, facilitator and work wife all smushed into one! 

Emma is on a mission to simplify, automate and streamline processes for overwhelmed business owners to bring that feeling of control back into the working day. 

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Virtually You; the dangerous powers of the e-personality: 


Cassie is an ex-social media strategist turned certified digital wellbeing consultant, coach and speaker. She’s on a mission to help individuals and organizations navigate the digital landscape, improve your overall wellbeing, and equip you with the tools necessary to thrive in a tech-driven future.

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