Ethics and AI

I had the privilege of speaking to TEDx Speaker and AI Ethicist Olivia Gambelin, who specializes in the practical application of ethics to technological innovation, and is the founder of Ethical Intelligence. 

We had such a wonderful conversation about ethics and AI I hope you enjoy this episode!

We chat about:

  • Olivia’s background and how she found herself where she is today. 
  • Her company, Ethical Intelligence, and what her day-to-day looks like.
  • Olivia has this great quote on her website – “good technology does not take advantage of our human nature, it’s tech that helps us embrace the nature of being human”, here she explains more about that.
  • How we ensure ethics is at the heart of the tech, and whose responsibility that falls on.
  • Olivia discusses how her biggest fear of generative AI is that we will never see the full potential of the good we can do with it, simply because we have become too afraid of our own creation. 
  • But she also shares what she’s optimistic about for the future of AI, and how we should be optimistic too. 
  • And finally, Olivia shares why it’s so important to create the technology of the future with ethics at the heart of it.

I hope you enjoy the episode!

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