Cyber Violence: what is it and how can we combat it?

I’m joined by doctoral researcher Lorrie Hayman today to discuss one of the most alarming, and important, issues in today’s online culture – cyber violence.  

We’re discussing what is it and how can we combat it, and it includes some personal stories so this episode does come with a *trigger warning* that we discuss sexual violence and violence against women. 

We discuss:

  • Lorrie’s background and how she found herself interested in this subject
  • What is cyber violence?
  • How prevalent is cyber violence in our society today and what are some of the factors that contribute to that?
  • Lorrie shares some examples of cyber violence and how it impacts people’s lives. And I share a very personal story of my own.
  • Why, because cyber violence is online, it often doesn’t get the same treatment as other forms of violence
  • What are some of the emerging trends in cyber violence
  • What individuals and communities can do to prevent cyber violence and support victims
  • How technology companies play a role in preventing this
  • Some of the psychological and emotional effects of cyber violence, and how can victims of cyber violence access support and resources
  • How we can educate young people about the dangers of cyber violence and teach them to be responsible digital citizens
  • Lorrie shares her advice about the importance of addressing cyber violence and creating a safer, more inclusive digital world

This is such an important topic, so I do hope you give it a listen. 


Lorrie Hayman is a doctoral researcher in Global Women’s Studies at the University of Galway, Ireland. Her interdisciplinary feminist doctoral research explores the lived experiences of women in Ireland concerning Cyber Sexual Violence. 

Her research draws on multi-stakeholder perspectives in the Garda (Ireland’s police), the technology sector, and women’s service providers. 

Lorrie’s doctoral research aims to offer evidence-informed recommendations to guide future laws, policies, and service provision responses to Cyber Sexual Violence in Ireland. 

She is a Hardiman Research Scholar at the University of Galway and a Rotary Peace Fellow alum from International Christian University, Japan.

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