The Future of Work

Today I am joined by Cathryn Barnard, the co-founder of Working The Future,  a boutique consulting firm that provides work trend intelligence and advisory services to organisations. And we had a fascinating conversation about The Future of Work.

We discuss:

  • Cat’s background and the creation of Working The Future
  • An overview of the landscape now when it comes to work 
  • What Cat sees as the future of work, and how tech-centered she feels this will be
  • How important the ability to adapt, embrace and build resilience to the technology of the future is
  • We discuss the most important digital skill that is needed for the future of work
  • We chat all about technology’s carbon footprint, ethics and values
  • Cat shares what excites her about the future of work
  • Finally, she shares her key message about the importance of preparing yourself for the future of work, especially in the ever-accelerating digital age

I hope you enjoy this episode!


Cat Barnard co-founded Working the Future in 2016, to help business leaders prepare for and adapt to the future of work. Today Working the Future provides organisations with work trend intelligence and advisory services to help create easy-to-implement, people-centred, future-proofing strategies.

With a career in workforce planning spanning three decades, and experience of starting and growing her own successful businesses, Cat recognises the criticality of human connection in accelerating team engagement and performance.

As work becomes increasingly underpinned by digital technology, amazing commercial opportunity emerges – blending the best of human AND technology to deliver highly customised client experiences that drive brand loyalty and enhanced success outcomes.



Personal LinkedInl:

Twitter: @workingfuture1

Personal Twitter: @cat_pearce71



Cassie is an ex-social media strategist turned certified digital wellbeing consultant, coach and speaker. She’s on a mission to help individuals and organizations navigate the digital landscape, improve your overall wellbeing, and equip you with the tools necessary to thrive in a tech-driven future.

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