How to Feel Connected with Yourself in a Digital Age with Ceri Lloyd

Ceri is passionate about living a more sustainable, mindful, and healthier lifestyle, and has poured her values into every aspect of her business.

We chat about why it’s so important to pause, especially when there is a constant ‘on’ button when it comes to technology. We dive into how you stay connected to yourself, others, and nature in this digital age, with Ceri sharing her wisdom on why she feels this is important to do, especially when a lot of our connection occurs online these days. 

We also discuss what we think the future holds for people wanting to embrace slow living in a world that seems to only be speeding up. 

I hope you enjoy the episode!

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Cassie is an ex-social media strategist turned certified digital wellbeing consultant, coach and speaker. She’s on a mission to help individuals and organizations navigate the digital landscape, improve your overall wellbeing, and equip you with the tools necessary to thrive in a tech-driven future.

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