Sustainable Social Media & Digital Wellbeing Workshops & Consulting

Does your team need help to manage their wellbeing when it comes to the demands of social media marketing? Whether it's a session on boundaries, dealing with negativity online, managing screen time in an industry that doesn't sleep, or how to make your social media marketing work within your resources to avoid overwhelm, get in touch today.

I develop and deliver bespoke workshops, trainings and events in-person and remotely around the world.

Fully bespoke in-person or virtual workshops & events


JAMES HAMILTON | Founder & Creative Director at Pixeltree Media 

“Cassie has been responsible for an entire shift in the way PixelTree utilize social media as a business. Right away Cassie was able to get to grips with where I wanted to position the business online, the audience I wished to grow, and the ways in which we could eventually monetize this audience in order to increase sales. During our time together, Cassie and I produced a highly detailed workshop and social media strategy that outlines our competitor analysis, PixelTree's current standing, and the steps we needed to take in order to fulfill my ambitions for the company. Everything is much clearer now and we as a team feel confident in delivering it. I'd highly recommend Cassie to any company wishing to up skill their team, grow their business, and is serious about the power of growing an audience through social media in a way that gets real results" 

eloise stuart

“Thank you Willow! You've transformed my life. My business path is finally clear.”

sasha duncan

“Your mastermind was the best investment I have ever made! This month I earned 10k.”

mia vanderlellum

“So much knowledge and just a kind soul, Willow you are truly outstanding.”

Client Love

Whether you as a founder or your team need an injection of expertise, get in touch to discuss bespoke packages of how I can help. Whether it's a one off session or more on-going support, I have a range of options that can be tailored to your needs.

From creating a sustainable social media strategy, building a personal brand that doesn't leave you chained to your phone, to implementing digital wellbeing initiatives within your team, I bring my 8+ years experience of social media for business to help you get better results while still having your wellbeing at its heart.

Social media strategy and digital wellbeing consulting


With 8+ years experience as a Social Media Strategist, I work with founders, personal brands and social media teams on all things from digital wellbeing to sustainable social media strategies. Whether that's through consulting, coaching, speaking or workshops, I empower you to use social media in an intentional, balanced and healthy way, and still get results for your brand. 

Cassie Widders