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I'm fascinated with the intersection between technology and culture, the way social media is fuelling our addictions to our phones, the influence it has over our society, and what this means for the way we communicate and identify with ourselves and others.

But my particular interest is how this affects personal brands, founders and business owners of society, those who need to be active on social channels to market themselves or their brand, and don't have the luxury of logging off as frequently. 

My passion comes from a deep understanding of both the benefits and negatives of social media, and a drive to help business owners use something that is here to stay in a positive way.

I started exploring the concept of digital minimalism some years ago, and saw it as a practical way to navigate today's world and all its distractions. My work uses the principles of digital minimalism with an adapted framework for businesses. 

In the age of ever-increasing visibility for personal brands, we need to be aware of the impact of this visibility on our mental wellbeing. That's why I'm an advocate for personal brands and business owners who want to market their brand successfully, but be able to switch off from the digital world when they want to. 

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~ Sustainable Social Media Strategies
~ Digital Wellbeing
~ Digital Minimalism
~ Visibility And Personal Branding
~ The Intersection of Social Media & Culture

Signature Interview & Speaking Topics

Sustainable Social Media Strategies


- How this social media strategist helps businesses/personal brands be on social media less.
- How to simplify your social media strategy to grow your brand with intention and ease.
- How your social media strategy can centre around your lifestyle as well as your business goals.


- Why digital detoxes aren't the answer.
- Social media and digital wellbeing: making social media a better place to be.
- How to have a healthy relationship with social media as a business owner/personal brand.
- Practicing digital wellbeing in the age of the Metaverse.
- How I created a seasonal business to fit around my lifestyle.


- Is digital minimalism the answer? A practical way to navigate today's world and its distractions
- Making digital minimalism work for your marketing.
- Making digital minimalism work for your life.


- The impact of visibility for personal brands: how to balance visibility and privacy.
- How to build a killer personal brand with boundaries.
- How to practice digital wellbeing as a personal brand.


- Why telling us to log off isn't the answer.
- The influence of social media on our society, and how to capitalise on it
- How social media has changed the way we identify with ourselves
- The benefits and negatives of social media: how to find balance in a tech-fuelled world

Join me on my never-ending quest to discover how we can be more intentional with our time online, and how we can have a healthier relationship with social media. I talk all things tech and culture to ask ‘are our lives online benefitting us or harming us?’

Can you have a healthy relationship with social media? And if so, how do you do it?

Social media has become a big part of our lives, but what does this mean for the way we communicate and identify with ourselves and others? What does it mean for the businesses we're building? What does this mean for our mental health? 


Cassie Widders is a social media strategist who works with founders, personal brands and service-based businesses from around the globe to simplify their social media, and create a strategy that centers around their business goals, and their lifestyle. She is known for her work on digital minimalism, social media and its effects on our mental wellbeing, and in making social media strategies more sustainable for personal brands and businesses.

Some years ago, Cassie found herself in the depths of burnout in her own business, and it became the catalyst for radically transforming her approach to social media marketing. She believes a great social strategy works with your values and lifestyle to reach your goals – not against them. Now, she works with clients to create digital wellbeing and sustainable social media strategies so they can have a healthier relationship with their phone, and enjoy the time and financial freedom that building a brand can bring.


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