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Whether you're looking to design and build a bespoke social media strategy from scratch, hone the one you already have, or explore ways to improve your relationship with your phone and social media, let's get you the results, and freedom, you crave.

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1) I'm looking for more immediate results - I want to build a simple and sustainable social media strategy all in just one day
2) Myself (and possibly my team) are looking for a practical and immersive day of strategising
3) I want a bespoke strategy with a clear roadmap that I can implement myself

Sustainable Social Media VIP Day


1) I want to not only build a sustainable social media strategy, but implement it with you by my side
2) I'm looking for more longer-term support and accountability
3) I want to go deep and work on my mindset when it comes to my visibility and relationship with social media

Sustainable Social Media Coaching


Let's design and build a bespoke social media strategy together

  • Harness the positive powers of social media, and let go of everything else that doesn't serve me.
  • Actively be on social media less, but without it negatively affecting my business. This could be by removing one platform and adjusting my marketing for that, or just generally being on social media less. 
  • Get clarity on my next step in business in a way that feels good, is realistic, without overwhelm, and in line with my definition of success. 

Something else entirely? Get in touch!

  • I want help to realign and focus my time and energy online to get real results.
  • Grow my business and try new platforms/features, but without spreading myself too thin.
  • Figure out how to show up/position myself on social media in a way that feels good.
  • Incorporate the principles of digital minimalism into my business (and maybe even my life).
  • Balance my visibility and privacy, and/or online time vs offline time.
  • Protect my mental well-being while online.
  • Fall in (or back in) love with social media.
  • Improve my relationship with social media so that I can use social media in a healthy, balanced, and intentional way.

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Already have a social media strategy but something isn't working?

Whether you're looking for an injection of expertise and clarity, or more long term support, there are many options for us working together depending on what you need.


"I really wanted to work with Cassie because of her vision that social media doesn't have to take over your life, and that appealed to me given I wanted my business to work around my family. She is so friendly and nothing was too much trouble to help with. I would definitely recommend working with Cassie, she has a huge amount of knowledge when it comes to social media! I now have a set list of goals to achieve and defined content pillars to work with, and I am much more focused"

Client Love

Not sure which one is right for you? Do feel free to get in touch so we can chat about what you're needing help with. 

If balancing social media with everything else in your life feels relentless, it’s time to transform the way you approach it. Let's make social sustainable for you. 


eloise stuart

“Thank you Willow! You've transformed my life. My business path is finally clear.”

sasha duncan

“Your mastermind was the best investment I have ever made! This month I earned 10k.”

mia vanderlellum

“So much knowledge and just a kind soul, Willow you are truly outstanding.”

It demands time, energy, and focus that – as a busy business owner – you simply don’t have. But you know quitting social media is a luxury you can’t afford.

Everywhere you look, ‘quick hacks’ and ‘expert’ webinars promise to help you crack the social media code. But they teach a very narrow version of social media success, and every new growth method demands more and more from you.

Ultimately, you’re not running your social media.
It’s running you.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy when we all have different priorities.

But there’s another way. A strategy that doesn’t leave you chained to your phone. Or feeling constant pressure to churn out content, engage and ‘show up’, so you can never fully switch off or feel present with yourself, your family, and friends.

By using the principles of digital minimalism, my unique approach to social media for business makes your time, energy, and lifestyle the centre of your content strategy, instead of an afterthought. Because a great social strategy works with your values and lifestyle to reach your goals – not against them.

Plenty of people can teach you how to increase your followers and engagement, but they won’t teach you how to do it in a way that works for you and your definition of success, that is sustainable, and that prioritises your wellbeing when it comes to social media.

You won’t find magic solutions or cookie-cutter strategies here. Just an experienced social media strategist working with passionate, purpose-driven founders and teams to navigate social media for business on your terms.

Together, we’ll create a custom social media strategy aligned with your goals, your time, and your priorities in life to reduce overwhelm, and get results that make staying online 100% worth it.

I know that having a successful social media presence can feel like a full-time job in itself


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