Organisations are grappling with the challenge of employee digital overwhelm and burnout. Whether it's the constant connectivity or the boundary between work and personal life blurring, as an employee it is difficult to disconnect in today's working world. This can cause reduced job satisfaction, decreased productivity, and increased rates of stress-related health issues, to name just a few. 

Finding a balance between leveraging digital tools for efficient communication, maximum productivity and improved creativity, and ensuring employees' mental and physical wellbeing has become a pressing concern for companies, teams and their leaders. 

The Problem

Digital wellbeing initiatives can improve the overall wellbeing and effectiveness of staff by promoting a healthy work-life balance, reducing stress and burnout, and increasing productivity, job satisfaction and ultimately, retention.

Rooted in the most recent, peer-reviewed scientific research, my work provides specialized training, education, and guidance in creating and implementing a digital wellbeing programme, be it through consulting or a series of workshops and talks.

These initiatives can help staff increase their attention spans and focus, engage in deep work, improve their creativity and problem solving abilities. It can also help them balance their personal and professional lives, and reduce the negative mental and physical health effects associated with prolonged technology use.

Specific initiatives and workshops are also designed to provide leaders with the knowledge and skills to facilitate a culture of wellbeing and productivity within their team.

The Solution


This is a psychometric assessment tool that has been developed in collaboration with leading psychologists and neuroscientists over the past 1.5 years, and funded by the EU KEEP+ project and available thanks to Consciously Digital. Essentially, it is a quick and easy science-based diagnostic tool to measure digital wellbeing and highlight problematic areas, designed for adults in the workplace. 

Every person who takes part will be given an overall digital wellbeing score, with the results split into 6 key factors of digital wellbeing, allowing for a breakdown of more problematic areas for improvement or areas of strength.

This tool could be used on an individual level for awareness of where you are thriving when it comes to your digital wellbeing at work and where the problematic areas may be. But on an organisational level, together we could look at the data in much more detail, analysing things such as, but not limited to:

  • Who are the people at risk (with lower digital wellbeing)? Look at differences by age, gender, roles etc and what intervention methods could be used. 
  • Does one department or employee score lower on some factors compared to others? What might be behind it?
  • Who are the possible digital wellbeing champions based on their factors and overall scores that can be “best practice” for others?

This data could inform current and future decisions when it comes to the digital devices, communication methods and programmes used by staff in your workplace. 

With any of these options, you can also opt for the Digital Wellbeing Tool...


Equipping individuals with the tools necessary to manage and overcome the digital habits that are affecting their wellbeing and focus


Tailored to your organisation to ensure digital wellbeing is at the heart of all you do


Expert consulting services for company-wide staff wellbeing initiatives, and communication services to help you fully articulate your vision and decisions to the wider company and within your marketing


Inspiring storytelling full of motivational takeaways and insights


Engaging, practical and empowering workshops for leadership and their teams


Ways we can work together




My work draws on these three areas:

Every organisation has a unique vision and unique needs, therefore each package will be completely bespoke based on our initial consultation. There are various options for different budgets, timeframes and participant numbers.

To create sustainable change in how we learn, work and recharge in a digital age, to develop prevention strategies, and for maximum impact, awareness and education on the current issues, one-off workshops are not available. 

All services can be delivered virtually or in-person.
All services can be delivered in English or Welsh.

From working with individuals and their teams, to collaborating with various departments, to company-wide initiatives, each project is bespoke to your needs. My work can be delivered separately to management and their teams, as we focus on fostering a digital wellbeing culture, and on individual digital wellbeing. 

The Process

The key components that are integral to how I work:

Active listening. Before I begin anything, the initial phase of my work is listening, understanding, and researching. This stage is important for me to proceed and apply what is needed to the unique situation and needs of your organisation and employees.

Company value driven. Every organisation has a vision, a strategic direction, and values. Every organisation makes choices that facilitate that vision, direction and values. My job is to work within those parameters, not outside them. If a company is committed to hybrid working, my job is to ensure the technology to facilitate that is used to its best possible advantage for the company and the employee, while minimising the harm it can do to their success and wellbeing.

The use of positive language and the embracing of technology. Technology is a great tool that should be harnessed to its full potential. Because of that, I advocate the use of positive language when discussing our digital habits, and the responsible use of technology for the benefit of all. 

How I Work

If this is what is right for you, we'll discuss next steps such as timeframes, payment plans and deliverables, and then we'll get started improving the digital wellbeing of your organisation!

Using the information gathered from our initial consultation, i'll send over a bespoke proposal with a more detailed breakdown of what's included and package options based on your needs

I'll be in touch to set up an initial video consultation to hear more about your needs, and for you to ask further questions

Get in touch here to share what you're looking for or needing

Next Steps


As a certified digital wellbeing consultant and coach, keynote speaker and workshop facilitator my work focuses on developing healthy and sustainable relationships with technology in order to improve our overall wellbeing. 

Certified by Consciously Digital, the only digital wellness coach training in the world approved by both the International Coaching Federation and the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching, my particular area of interest is in the field of attention, as well as the intersection between technology and culture, and future of work in a digital age.

Previous to my work in the field of digital wellbeing, I have over eight years experience working in the social media industry as a strategist, giving me a deep understanding of the social media landscape. 

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