It's not uncommon to feel like digital devices and online platforms have a strong hold on our lives, sometimes to the point of addiction. This can affect not only your productivity but also your overall mental wellbeing.

The constant stream of information bombarding you can be overwhelming, and it's absolutely understandable that it might be stressing you out.

The feelings of lonliness and isolation, of comparison or discontent, those late-night scrolling sessions disrupting your sleep patterns, or the eye strain or poor posture, these can all be the result of our over dependence on our devices. 

The Problem for Individuals

If you've ever had an argument in your household about digital devices, you are definitely not alone! Excessive screen time can contribute to strained relationships, hinder effective communication, and disrupt quality bonding time. 

Whether you're a parent struggling to balance your own device usage with being present at home, or that the constant connectivity is creating difficulties in setting boundaries between work and personal life, you're in the right place. 

Perhaps you're concerned with how much screen time to give your toddler so as not to hinder their social and cognitive development. Or that your teenager may be experiencing digital addiction, spending excessive time on social media or online gaming and suffering the effects of that. Or maybe as a family you just want to set constructive boundaries together that align with your family values. If this is you, you're in the right place. 

The Problem for Families

In today's world, your digital wellbeing is inextricably linked to your physical and mental health. Maintaining a healthy relationship with technology can help promote overall wellbeing and balance in life, leading to increased focus, productivity, sleep, happiness, and enjoyment in both personal and professional pursuits.

If you're finding it hard to focus or feel like you're constantly trying digital detoxes only to come back to the same problems, know that you can regain control. Remember, you have the power to shape your relationship with technology.

Rooted in the most recent, peer-reviewed scientific research, my work provides awareness and education, coaching, tools and resources specific to you or your families needs to help you do just that - craft a healthy and balanced relationship with technology.

The Solution


Empowering you or your family with the knowledge and tools to recognise and assist with problematic technology use


Inspiring storytelling full of motivational takeaways and insights. Follow me on social media to find when my latest talk will be


Whether you're a group of concerned parents or friends interested in learning more, get together and book an engaging, practical and empowering group workshop today

GROUP Workshops

Ways we can work together




My work draws on these three areas:

Every family and individual unique needs, values and goals, therefore each option of working together will be completely bespoke based on our initial consultation. There are various options for all different timeframes and participant numbers.

To create sustainable change in how we learn, work or unwind, to develop prevention strategies, and for maximum impact, awareness and education on the current issues, one-off workshops are not available. 

All services can be delivered virtually or in-person.
All services can be delivered in English or Welsh.

Young Adults




My work can include all of the key stakeholders listed below.

The Process

The key components that are integral to how I work:

Active listening. Before I begin anything, the initial phase of my work is listening and understanding. This stage is important for me to proceed and apply what is needed to the unique situation and needs of you or your family.

Family value driven. Whether you have articulated them or not, every individual and family has values that you live by or want to live by. My job is to work within those parameters, not outside them. I will always help you work towards your definition of success and happiness.

The use of positive language and the embracing of technology. Technology is a great tool that should be harnessed to its full potential. Because of that, I advocate the use of positive language when discussing our digital habits, and the responsible use of technology for the benefit of all. 

How I Work

If this is what is right for you, we'll discuss next steps such as timeframes, payment plans and deliverables, and then we'll get started improving your or your families digital wellbeing!

Using the information gathered from our initial consultation, i'll send over a bespoke proposal with a more detailed breakdown of what's included and package options based on your needs

I'll be in touch to set up an initial video consultation to hear more about your needs, and for you to ask further questions

Get in touch here to share what you're looking for or needing

Next Steps


As a certified digital wellbeing consultant and coach, keynote speaker and workshop facilitator my work focuses on developing healthy and sustainable relationships with technology in order to improve our overall wellbeing. 

Certified by Consciously Digital, the only digital wellness coach training in the world approved by both the International Coaching Federation and the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching, my particular area of interest is in the field of attention, as well as the intersection of technology and culture and the future of work in a digital age.

Previous to my work in the field of digital wellbeing, I have over eight years experience working in the social media industry as a strategist, giving me a deep understanding of the social media landscape.

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if you are an individual who wants to be more intentional with your own digital habits, or if you're a parent or carer who wants to understand how to navigate problematic technology use in your home, get in touch by using the button below.

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