And all to get the results, and freedom, you crave?

With so many platforms and features, where should you focus your time and energy online?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with how much goes into social media? 

Overwhelmed with how many marketing platforms and features there are? Do you feel like you don't know where you should be spending your time and energy to get the results you want?

Have you ever felt like you’re spreading yourself too thin? That you need to simplify everything not only to protect your own time (and sanity!), but also to focus on quality over quantity? 

Perhaps you want to pivot or grow, try a new platform or direction, but you just don’t think you can add more to your plate? Or maybe you want to be on social media less, but feel like you can’t because you have a business to market?

This is where I can help you. Together we will simplify your social media strategy to ensure your time online is intentional and sustainable.

Having a sustainable social media strategy means having an online presence that stands the test of time and allows you to show up in a way that works for you. 

Check out the different ways we can work together today

You know a topic or area you need help with, and so a 90-minute session over Zoom is what is needed for that injection of expertise and clarity. 

The Intensive




- Questionnaire to complete ahead of our session so our time together is maximised.
- 90-minute one to one virtual intensive via Zoom (if you'd like your team/team member to join, that's great too!).
- Digital mind map and notes from our session.
- Personal check-in by me after 30 days, with an optional 30-minute zoom call if you prefer to chat!


You know you need to go deeper on a topic, or cover more than one thing, and so a half day session (2.5 hours) is what is needed.

The Half Day 




- Detailed questionnaire to complete ahead of our session so our time together is maximised.
- Pre-session material for you to be fully prepped and ready for our session.
- 2.5 hour one to one virtual intensive via Zoom (if you'd like your team to join, that's great too!).
- Digital mind map, notes from the session, and action plan created for you. 
- 30-day email support following our session, with a 45-minute video call check in by me at the end of those 30 days.

INVESTMENT: £550 (payment plan available)

You are looking for more than a one-off session, you want on-going support from an experienced social media strategist, either with one area or across all of your online presence and usage. 

Three Month Coaching




- Detailed questionnaire to complete so that I can get a better understanding of your needs and goals before we begin our partnership.
- Bi-weekly, 60 minute 1-1 video coaching sessions with me.
- Write ups of every single call, done by me and stored in our client portal, along with actions to take and any resources that could help as discussed during the session.
- Full support between sessions on your dedicated client portal so that you have complete access to me during our time together.
- Personal reviews by me of any content plans, social media campaigns and launch plans, as well as data analysis so we know what's working and what's not. 
- Introductions to my network and team, should you need them.


  • Harness the positive powers of social media, to let go of everything else that doesn't serve them.
  • Actively be on social media less, but without it negatively affecting their business.
  • Help them get clarity on their next step in business in a way that is realistic, without overwhelm, and in line with their definition of success. 


  • Help realign and focus their time and energy online to get real results.
  • Grow their business and try new platforms/features, but without spreading themselves too thin.
  • Help them figure out how to position themselves on social media in a way that feels good.
  • Incorporate the principles of digital minimalism into their business, and their life.
  • Balance visibility and privacy, and online time vs offline time. 
  • Protect their mental well-being while online.
  • Fall back in love with social media.
  • Improve their relationship with social media so that they can use social media in a healthy, balanced, and intentional way.



“The intensive far exceeded my expectations in terms on how deep it went and how much I got out of it. Cassie is an expert in her field. Her positive energy really flows through the entire session and I've walked away with far more that I imagined. She is brilliant at challenging and guiding, I did not expect so many light bulb moments in such a short amount of time. I feel like I have clarity, confidence and strategy to get back to social media with joy and confidence. She was really nurturing in a really practical and friendly way, so if you are thinking of working with Cassie, do it, you won't regret it.”

Client Love


“I thoroughly enjoyed our session. To be able to have reassurance and Cassie's guidance, especially when my online presence has been a bit erratic recently, was invaluable. It's definitely helped me gain clarity on how often to post, that it's ok to not have to know everything about everything, and to not worry about having to be 'on' all the time. Cassie is very professional in her work and I felt as though I was in good hands. She is so easy to talk to and so with that ability to talk openly and honestly I felt as though she really does have my back. As I'm usually in that position with the other businesses I work with, it was a relief to be on the other side and feel as though I was being taken care of! I would definitely recommend the digital minimalism intensive to anyone considering it”

Client Love

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