But regardless of titles, for 8+ years I have been working in the field of social media for business.

I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients – from authors and TEDx speakers, to consultants, coaches, design companies, creatives, and educators.

I’ve seen social evolve into one of the most powerful marketing tools available. The only problem is, there’s no ‘off’ switch. Unless we put one there.

Social Media Strategist, speaker, consultant, host of The Social Self Podcast, writer, workshop facilitator, digital wellbeing advocate...the list goes on!

Hi, I'm Cassie,

A few years ago, every single one of my clients was finding social media stressful and overwhelming. The traditional strategies we were creating got them results, but didn't solve the constant pressure they felt to ‘show up’ online. And when work got busy, social media inevitably fell by the wayside. 

I truly believe that being present on social media shouldn’t make us less present in real life

Ironically, I was having exactly the same experience in my own business.

By following the traditional rules of social media, I found the constant hamster wheel of content creation and visibility exhausting, and I struggled to stay consistent without it taking over my life. When I found myself apologising for not showing up on Instagram Stories for one single day, I knew something needed to change.

So I began delving into the philosophy of digital minimalism, and while the concept intrigued me, I became frustrated by the talk of 'digital detoxes' and deleting apps. This wasn't possible for me or my clients, I wanted to know how this could work for businesses and for personal brands. 

The answer began by redefining my definition of social media success and simplifying my approach to make it fit around my life, instead of dictating it. When I approached my social media with a clear strategy centered around my time, energy, values, and boundaries, and crucially, what I enjoyed, everything shifted. 

I was finally able to use it intentionally to increase my brand awareness, get real results, and start enjoying a healthy, balanced relationship with my phone.



MY #1 value Is:

“Simply put, humans are not wired to be constantly wired.” - Cal Newport


By using the principles of digital minimalism and my adapted framework for businesses, I simplified my approach to show up intentionally and consistently in a way that worked for me.

And this is the framework I use with all my clients. A framework that allows you to feel understood, in control, to plan content strategically and use social media with intention. This leads to spending less time on these apps, yet still generating the leads you want. You can start to enjoy social media again as a creative outlet and a place for connecting with others. It can become a fun tool to create real results in your business!

These results have been possible for myself, my clients, and they are absolutely possible for you. I want to help you achieve that.

When working with me, there is no judgement on how you feel when it comes to social media. Some of my clients enjoy it, they just can't show up consistently. Others dislike it but know they need it. Some really want to love it. Often, we have a mixture of all of these feelings! And that's ok. 

All my work takes your individual needs and goals, lifestyle, and values into account. No cookie-cutter strategies here. 

Just a simple framework to empower you to use social media in a way that works for you as a business owner, and as a human being. 


Before entering the social media industry, I worked for multiple NGOs both in the UK and abroad, having graduated with a degree in International Development



I'm a huge animal lover, and a cat mum to Otis, who is our rescue cat all the way from China

who steals my kisses:


I have lived in many different countries for most of my adult life. I'm currently based in the UK but will be moving to Brunei on the beautiful island of Borneo this summer



I'm from Gwynedd in North Wales, and I'm a proud Welsh speaker

where it began:


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